About anya brewley schultheiss

I am a Lover of life

Life is full of moments that define us, change us and mold us. Life is full of beauty; simple, poignant and sometimes indescribable. Life is precious and through photography I have found a way of documenting , preserving and treasuring these fleeting moments we are blessed with.

I am a Lover of Photography

I delight in lines and light, colors and expression. I love manipulating angles and perspective, depth and motion to capture the world the way I see...and sometimes feel it. From the simplicity of water ripples to the complexity of landscapes and human emotion, I am constantly renewed and excited with each day I face.


Though I never limit myself in what I shoot my love however is lifestyle photography. There is a beauty that comes from natural expression and emotion. A secret smile or a telling glance are photographic treasures. I especially love child photography. The spirit of a child is truely a gift. Their unrestrained emotion and genuine nature make photographing them both a welcome challenge and a supreme joy.


I reside and work in the beautiful British Virgin Islands. If you are interested in my work or would like to talk photography feel free to contact me.